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Extra Life
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Extra Life Game Day

Jon and Ben over at Troll in the Corner have been raising money for Children's Hospital (Boston) with a 25 hour gaming marathon.  Jon started this morning and Adrian, Cortland and I joined him.
 I had the first offering a Avalon Hill game War Plan Black a speculative conflict based on Germany pushing into the Caribbean after winning the Great War.  Adrian had command of the German Battle cruiser squadron 3 Battle-cruisers and 3 Light Cruisers .  Cortland and Jon commanded the US fleet 6 Battle ships, 2 Battle Cruises and numerous light cruisers and destroyers.
 The US Fleet sets sail with the Airship Shenandoah Adrian has several decoy markers so the US has a lot of ocean to cover.
 Adrian moves aggressively toward the Dominican and Cuban coast
 And contact occurs Jon losses the Milwaukee int he fight that follows but gets a German Lt. Cruiser at the same time.  The Tirpitz also takes significant damage as weell.
 Adrian is treating into the the shipping lanes he get 16 merchants by the end.  Several more encounters occurs but their is not serious damage done until Jon and Cortland pin the Tripitz between two fleets...
The ship does not last long. Adrian did well he lost three ships but sank one war ship and got damage on several others.  He did lose a Battle Cruiser all in all the US won but the losses to US shipping were significant.
 Next we had some fun at the Red Dragon Inn a game about adventures getting wasted and gambling!
 I was the priests and the fist man down! I really can't describe the details of the game as It was my first game and I had a hard time keeping track.  I do know that every card I played seem to get countered and that I lost almost all of my gold and got in to a drinking contest were I drew Elven wine with a chaser twice and woke up under the table.
The game came down the Cortland and Adrian and Adrian managed to win when Cortland drew a drink he couldn't handle.  Then Jon was off for more games to meet his pledge (Cortland, Adrian and I were just there to help out).