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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Massacre on the Swale Saxon Victory

Between snow and illness its been a while since I got a chance to game so I was willing to take a chance on 1-3 inches of snow when John suggested we meet Thursday.  Once again I set in the right corner of the table but this time john was opposite me rather than in the middle section of the table. 
The light forest between us was the key feature John reach it with two units of Warriors and on of elites right off.  His levies moved to cover his open flank.
 My own elites and one unit of warriors are moving around that flank.
 Warriors under Osbert and Bergred are moving up to support the archers and hold the line of the trees.
 John surprised me forming two units in Shield wall and advancing through the tree at my warriors.
 John throws Osbert and his men beck I lost three men and took enough shock to put the force out of the fight for a good long while.
 Osbert attacked John's elites the initial exchange was not to my advantage but then Cuthwulf and one of this Elite units joined the fight!
 My other troops fall short of catching the levies out of shield wall.
 But I was able to drive back one of Johns warriors and then broke his Elites
 John tried to for a new line but wasn't quite able to get all his men into position.
 I was able to drive back John's isolated unit I kill a few more of his men but he is able to withdraw them and reform his line.
 The Key moment of the game Cuthwulf and has an Elite unit and a Unit of Warriors on the flank of the shield wall (I mean Flank it the traditional sens not the sense it used in the game, where it really means a rear attack).  My charge was very successful killing 6 of the 8 warriors and setting the rest fleeing
 With two units broken and two very beat up John elects to withdraw.
 There is a little excitement when I almost catch the Briton Levies but they make it away though 5 of them die at the hands of bandits and other unsavory sorts.  I won a 6 point victory and have 5 months before John can put his whole force in the field. So the siege of Catterick begins.