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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flames of War with NHWGA

Last Thursday I made my way to the Relentless Dragon and set up this small Tunisian Vineyard town. This was a hold the line scenario German Armor against US armored rifles.
With two avenues of attack I decided to put pressure on both flank but weight my attack on he right opening with an artillery barrage.
Panzer IVs and Panzer IIs lead the way the latter lift gone to ground and then commence direct fire with 2cm and 7.5cm guns.
Over a couple of turns the firing is good enough to seriously cut down on the Yankees.
This assault was in fact unnecessary as they platoon broke and ran.
infantry assault on the left as well!
Also successful in driving the Americans back and my Panzers race for the right side objective.
But the M10s arrive and take out two of my Panzers!
The fire fight is fast and deadly have the objective but...
priests come on and pop more of my panzers
We end with both sides thin on troops and contesting the objective