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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flames of War Mid War Tourney at the Whiz (2/21/15)

Saturday my Fiancee was off to Newport RI for a bridal show with her girlfriends so I went to the Whiz and took part in a mid war tournament (yes it was a busy weekend). 

Game 1

Game one was against Mike and his Fallschirmjagers I lost the roll so my US infantry got to defend in a hasty attack scenario. 
You can see both deployments above.  I had to defend a long line while Rob was weighting his attack on my right. I had some depth on that side because I deployed half my HMG platoon out on that side.
A platoon of FJs and FJ pioneers on the right
The other platoon of FJ's was in the center left and could swing to join the attack on the right or advance on its own.
No kills but my Artillery would be pined an remain so for a few turns.
My HMGs send fire up the road we get a kill or two and get the FJs to hide in the woods.
Mike was very respect ful of my HMGs especially when the Sherman tanks arrived form reserve and tolled up on their flank.
One Sshurman was hit and kill by Mike's Maraurders but my own fire took them out in turn.
The then swung to the left to keep the JFs heads down and to get out of the way of an on coming Tiger
Here come the Pioneers!
Artillery finds the Shermans and takes out one.
My MGs face assault by JF and pioneers and are overwhelmed.
My tanks don;t do so well when assaulted in their turn but two survive and even pass moral..
Armored cavalry and TDs cam in on the far side of the bard (darn scattered reserves) so I use them to threaten Mike's objective.
Mike ends the game contesting the objective but we time out and by scenario rules having held my own objective I have the win 5-3.

Game 2 
My second game was on the desert table facing James and his British Motor Infantry.  The US infantry  really doesn't stack up well against it UK counter parts IMHO and James is a good player so I had a bad feeling on this one.  the Scenario was fighting withdrawal and I was the attacker 
I made a key error on deployment I should have put my cavalry recon and TD security secion on the right hand side but put them on the left flank instead.
Even so my Cavalry got around the flank and took out a 25 pounder and its staff team but then Jams was able to concentrate fire on my units and even destroyed my security section in a spot where I could not deploy the TDs.  To make matters worse James was able to withdraw platoon after platoon just as I had taken them down to the point were I might destroy them.
My Sherman made a last forlorn hope attack and almost took an objective but British infantry with sticky bombs took them out an the survivors fled. I extended my had to congratulate James on a flawless victory. I lot this one 1 to 7

Game 3
This time I was paired off against Nick and his Soviet Militia company a huge force of infantry in the free for all game.  Technically I was the attacker but it hardly matters in free for all. 
I sent tanks running up the flank using cover and got one T-34 I also ran recon up the  left flank and let his infantry have it with massed MG fire.
Nick had a huge wave of humanity advancing on the center...
and right flank were he got an early lucky kill on my HMG teams with his Katyusha rockets. I had better than deserved luck on the left killing quite a number of infantry defending the left flank objective on Nick's side.
This forced him bring his T34s back to help out...
My men made short work of them though my Tank destroyers were taken out by the lone survive of that platoon.
Nick was able to drive back my front line of infantry in the woods using weight of numbers but I had a buffer zone so my objectives were safe.  I was able to assault and drive off his troops on the left flank giving me a 5-3 win just as time expires because Nick graciously skipped one of his turns (he was at least two turns from any of my objective and we had mere minutes left in this round and Nick felt I had earned victory) and I am very grateful to him .