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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Challenge entry M20s, Mortar Jeep, Snipers, and bailed out markers. (39 points)

So this one could get a little confusing because there isn't an over arching theme other than World War II. Above I have two M20 armoured cars for the security section of my Tank Destroyer Platoon.

I added the guy hitching a ride and the stowage form various sources both from battle front and Musket miniatures.

More stowage the tools a pick axe and sledge hammer are from a Musket miniature kit with some really awesome bits and pieces for dressing out your building or vehicles.

The Jeep is done up for the Cavalry Recon platoon which has a mortar platoon. In some lists I can add equip the mortar jeep with a "hull MG"

I kit bashed the mortar and the hull MG form my bits box flames of war lets you fire the mortar from the jeep but this didn't happen in real life so have it done broken down for transport. I also added a radio left over from the Long Toms

Three Vehicles with five passenger for a total of 23 points.

Next up I have two Canadian tankers that will serve a bailed out makers for the tanks I posted earlier in the challenge.

The uniforms are very simple I'm not sure when or where I got these (or if they are even commonwealth tankers)

But the look good with their tanks though I hope I don't see them too often. They should be good for another 4 points.

These are German snipers and observers I got with the "Konig" sniper set a number of years ago I painted up "Konig" but never painted the others until now.

The First pair is hiding in a hedge row or bush waiting on allied forces to approach.

The next pair is dug in a trench I am very pleased with how the trench came out they will look great with fortified company when I play it.

The rear shot kept coming out fuzzy despite several attempts. This was the best limage.

Finally there are the men hiding out behind this stone wall or rock formation. They will work well with my German Mountain troops.

This shot shows the back of the troops and their gear better then the other shots. So that's six more infantry for another 12 points. Not exactly a point bomb but the 39 points combined with other entries for the week I have a nice new pile of painted figures.