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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Challenge Entry15mm ACW Dismounted Cavalry

These are Bluemoon 18mm figures that will serve as my dismounted cavalry troops for my Union Longstreet Army.

The troops have too many men using pistols for my taste but they do make it easy to see which unit is dismounted cavalry and who is infantry.

The Bugler with his yellow lace tunic was a bit hard to get right but really looks cool.

The color guards bearers are carrying flags from four States.


Rhode Island (this one will also work as a good generic flag)

This is the guidon of a Massachusetts Cavalry regiment

This butterfly flag is for a New Jersey regiment its a rather interesting embalm for a military unit. The 3rd New Jersey was a rare "Hussar" regiment named the Butterflies by the rest of the army when they joined it in 1864.  Rather than take offence the men apparently adopted the name as their own.