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Friday, February 6, 2015

Challenge entry Dark Age Warriors for Dux and Gods and Mortals.

OK so here we we have the last of the Wargames Factory Viking Heuscarls I picked up.  I now have enough guys for the starting army for Saxons in Dux Britainiurm.  As has been the case all along the shields are hand painted and the designs come out of my head not from any historic images (though I have looked at a lot of other people's designs).  Flags are from Ray's blog and while not really historical I like seeing banners here and there in the battle line.

My plan is to use these for both "historical" games and for Gods and Mortals.

The Shields are what make these figures striking so I really tried to highlight these in the pictures

I did try to repeat colors and designs to some extent but not to the extent of looking like there is a uniform assigned to a unit.

This group is the one exception I tried and the raven design borrowed from Ray's flag and really liked how it looks.

I did it 4 times twice in white, once in yellow and once in red.  The wyrm design didn't come out to my satisfactions.

 Finally we have two "legends" for Gods and Mortals.  My legends are inspired by Guy Kay's "Last light of the sun."  I am doing an Erling (Viking) force so my legends are the major characters form that group in the book.  Red Thorkell an old raider who though his raiding days were over.  Once a oar companion of the Great "Volgan"now he is an old man selling the one thing he has left his sword arm. In the book Thorkell borrows "Cyngael"(Welsh) or "Anglcyn"(Saxon) shields on two occasions as both of these are worshipers of the sun god "Jad"  decided to have his shield display a sun disk.

Ivar Ragnersson grand son of the Great Volgan is described in the book as ugly and deformed... I couldn't quite pull off deformed but I did give his skin a grayish pallor and went with a washed out white/gray hair. Ivar is in modern terms a Sociopath, weaker than is typical among Erlings he uses a bow and poisoned arrows with great skill but will run form a close fight.

All together we have 20 Warriors all 28mm for 100 points and as group shot was requested.