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Extra Life
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working on Goals

Painting Goals:
1) Finish My Free French Tirailerurs Senegalese and Decourverte de combat force for FOW
These are done as followers of the blog know!

2) Paint at least 3 more units of Napoleonic French before Huzzah.

One on the work bench progressing slowly
A sample of Robs work...

3) Paint up my Gebirgsjagers for use as a German Infantry force in the late war league. --- Not started...

4) Paint more 7YW and WAS 15mm to reduce my "lead debt" resulting from large number of these figures bought or received as gifts from Robert Burr.  --- Nothing So far.

Reading Goal:  find good books on the Eastern Front (WW II) and Napoleonic wars to improve my knowledge of these conflicts. Nothing for Nappy yet but several East front books... I promise a blog on these soon.  I am still looking for your recommendations.

Bonus Goal: Find some use for my FOW Russians either field a Russian army or find a buyer. These are leaving for Spokane Washington so that my friend Rob can paint up the infantry for me. Rob does great work as a painter and I am happy to be able to help him out by sending him some paid work. Still not sure exactly what I will do with them but they are getting painted and I do not have to do it so that is a huge bonus for me!