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Friday, March 30, 2012

Red and Gray Battle 1 Guards Vs Fallschirmjager

 Eric Fielded his Russian Guards Heavy tank for out for spin against my Fallschirmjagers.  Eric has had two platoons on of 3 IS-2s and one of Katusha Rocket launchers with motorized AA guns attached, his HQ was also mounted in an IS-2.  I was not happy to see these monsters coming at me. 

On my side I had two platoon of Falschimjagers, a platoon of Luftwaffe Heavy AA (reluctant trained 88s) and a platoon of 4 Marders. I realized this morning that snapped no pictures of  my own troops!  I had one Jager Platoon on the left then the 88s and the second Jager platoon in the center with the Marders holding my right.

Eric moved forward on my right snapping shots at long range while my Jagers on the left dug holes furiously... or not only the AAs dug in on turn 1.  Eric killed on Marder with a rocket salvo (check out the cool rocket markers).

I moved forward on my right with one Jager platoon and the Marders, hoping the troops on the left could hold. I got two shots at Erics Rockets but he took the hits on his  AA guns this kept him shooting with the rockets but gave him almost no direct fire on that side.

Eric's tanks made there way forward slowly on the left My 88s did kill one but he got some of my infantry as well.  I doubled the other Jager platoon on the right and Eric it it with his rockets he scored a lot of hits but I made all my saves though he did bail a Marder (I was now down to two marders one of which was bailed prompting platoon moral check which I was fortunate to pass.)

Eric launched two assaults one with his HQ and the other with his IS-2 platoons the first was successful putting him in place to contest the objective  the other was bloody fight killing all but two of my Jagers and the 2iC  but Eric lost both IS2s and I was able to keep my men in potion to contest the objective. 

On my turn I had my Jagers assault his Rocket and took his objective. My two Marders were also doubling it over to deal with the IS-2 (yeah like they would have a chance!)

Eric Launched another assault and drove me off my objective, but since I got to his half a turn earlier I got the win. A very close and fun game and the result felt more like a draw(or a Mexican Stand off) then a win.

At the other table Don makes pretty fires with Domenico's British tanks.