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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish Brigade on Parade (Happy St. Patricks day)

Given my mothers name is Sullivan its not surprise that I have a fondness to the Irish in my armies. So in Honor of the holiday I figured I would do a little write up on the Irish Warriors of my 15mm armies. First Up are the French. From 1689 to 1745 there was a steady flow of Irish recruits to the French army.  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_of_the_Wild_Geese#French_service

Cavalry Regiment Fitz-James
Regiment Clair/Wash

Regiment Buckly

Regiment Berwick

Regiment Dillion
 Given that they 'owned' Ireland the English had a lot of Irish in thier army but relatively few Irish regiments in this period.
The Royal Irish Artilery

Irish Dragoons

Naples also had its share of Irish troops as in the example below that was from Spanish Servies and became the guard battalion of the Queen of Naples.
Regina Regiment
Finally we have the 19th Prussian Regiment. Not technically an 'Irish' Regiment but according to Christopher Duffy it had a high proportion of Irish troops.