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Friday, March 9, 2012

Games and Prizes Part 2 (Free French Speed Bump II)

 Ted arrived about 8:00 PM with his Early War Germans, a light tank hoard from the Blitzkrieg book with two bunker, flacks, four self propped AA guns and a pair of 100mm Howitzers, on top of that he had air support!  

My Free French force had the fort! Four platoons of infantry, a platoon of HMGS, a platoon of two 81mm mortars, a Free French AT gun platoon, my two gun mountain battery, a par of 20mm AA portees and one Combat Recon platoon.

Honestly I thought I was in good shape, two objective near the fort and a lot of mobile assets to put pressure on Teds objectives... With delayed reserves I had to start with half my troops off the board.  I deployed the Mountain guns and an infantry platoon with two HMGs and a 60mm mortar attached in the fort and another platoon and the 81 mm Mortors along the road outside the fort. The rest of my force was delayed..

I move the platoon out side the fort forward to spread them out a bit, I should have dug them in.  on his second turn Ted got a tank platoon in range and lot loose with 17 MG shot! He also did some damage the boys int he fort with his air support. It was one of those games were I just could not make a saving throw.   Ted even killed my CiC.

With losses mounting I tried to move troops out to contest the objective but with Ted's troops ariving an my staying off board I was in trouble quick.

My mountain guns did knock out several panzer but with on Infantry platoon down and another blow half strength I was in serious trouble.Ted lauched an assult and killed my mortars and infantry in ranged. gun shots and air strikes took out ever one except the 2iC who move in to contest the objecive.
All By may self...

Finaly my recon troops arrive but not close enough to help me.
Ted mechined gun my 2ic to death then bomed by trucks.. I only lost one but they could not get close enough to contest the object... not that it matters I was below half on the table and had no who could make the company moral test.

Good game Ted.

On the Bright side I won the last random draw and high school prizes for the last round of the Escalation league.

$75.00 in free stuff from Adler Hobby and Battle Front! Got to Love this!