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Monday, March 19, 2012

Saintonge and Saint Patick.

Steven, Adam A, Brian Adam (Fencing Frog) C. and Dana in Ranks. Will/Ellie with the colors.
Those who know me know that in addition to the war gaming featured here I also am a passionate reenector. My group Regiment Saintonge interpenetrates one of the French regiments dispatched by King Louis XVI to America under General Compte de Rochambeau.  Reenacting is not a cheep hobby groups need money for insurance, food, powder and uniforms. There are two options be wealthy enough to pay for it all out of pocket or raise money as a group. Parades are the easiest paid gigs for reenactors to find so we do several of them each year. My friends in the regiment know I hate parades... they also know they can count on me to do three of the four parades we do each year.  Of these my least favorite is the south Boston St. Patrick's/Evacuation day parade. A 4.5 mile march through south Boston/Dorchester Hights though crowds of crazy drunks.
Steven, Adam A, Brian and Adam (Fencing Frog) C.

This year with the weather was fine and one would think this would make things better but all involved agree this was the most arduous parade march we have done in years. From the late step off to the 20ish minute standstill after traveling a few hundred yards, to the stops start pace that was worse than usual.  The final blow as to turning the corner at the "end" of the parade and seeing the route had been extended by several hundred feet! (OK I am whining a bit here but you had to be there to understand)   Still the crowed seemed to like us and the muskets held up giving volley after volley as we marched along. We also got to march behind Middlesex 4H Fife and Drum Corps so at least we didn't have some distracting polka or Jazz band throwing off our drummer and step. (Just try marching to jazz some time I dare you!)

This may not sound like a ringing endorsement of the hobby but trust me a reenactment weekend is well worth a few parades.  Though I am glad I have 364 days or so before I do this one again.  I do appreciate  the many people at the end of the parade who thanked us for marching and/or encouraged us down the final stretch. Special Thank you to Ellie's Husband Carl and her son-in-law (who name I must apologize for forgetting) for the subs and cold sodas at the end.  Vive l'Roi et Saintonge.