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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Demo Game for new player

 We had a new player, Domingo, come by on Thursday night and since we had some warning Gordon had asked me to have Two demo forces so we could show what this Flames of War thing was all about.  On AJ's advised I had two "armored" forces at 600 points each.  The German force was my German Mitller Panzer force from the Escalation League, HQ Panzer IV Platoon of two tanks and a light panzer force of 2 Panzer IIs and One Panzer I.  For the French I had an Escadron de Reconnaissance with a Panhard HQ and two platoons of 5 Panhard armord cars and a platoon of H39 Hotchkiss Tanks.

Domingo picked the French and used them quite aggressively(starting with his recon move) sending one platoon toward the objective on the left and another on the right .  I tried to slip my light panzer up the middle to put pressure on his objectives but good shooting by Domingo had one Panzer II and one Panzer IV Bailed and I decide I needed to try and concentrate fire.  I did get on Panhard and bailed one or two more but Domingo wipe out my light Panzer platoon and brought in his H39s on my fight giving me two threats and only three tanks to deal with them. 

Most of the French vehicles were still on the board so my situation looked really grim.  At this point my luck with the shooting dice finally turned and my Panzer IV platoon was able to kill one platoon of Panhards in shoot out that lasted several turns. I was bailed a few times but Domingo couldn't seem to make a fire power roll of 5+.
 My Panzer IVs then turned on the H39 which Domingo had carefully moved into position for flank shots.  I was able to move to get my front armor in line and then a classic early war tank battle occurred.  By which I mean lots of hits, but very few armor penetration and even fewer successful firepower rolls.

On the other side my Company commander was using a combination of carefully timed moves, and a lucky streak of storm trooper moves to shoot at the second platoon of Panhards while mover so that at least some of these would have to move to get clear shots. I was bailed several times but always managed to get back in.  Finally I brought over a second Panzer IV and was able to kill or bail several Panhards.  At this point with more than 6 turns played(probably about 8 actually) and with Demingo needing to go we called the game a draw.

This was definitely still any ones game Domingo had 4 panhards and two H39s on the board against my three Panzer IVs. French had the advantage in numbers but the Germans were all Vets and had a definite edge in maneuver though I was more or less pinned to the objectives at this point limiting the utility of my edge in maneuver. 

Great game Domingo hope we see you again.