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Friday, March 16, 2012

Game Night Angles 20

With the escalation league complete and and the Red and Grey league yet to get rolling Don and I engaged in two games of Angles 20 by Axis and Allies. One force consisted of three F4F Wildcats an airplane I have always been fond of since playing Wings of Fury way back in the late 80s(yes the airplane there is the improved F6F Hell Cat but the look is almost identical).  On the other side were two A6M 'Zero' fighters and one Ki-61 'Tony' Fighter. In theory both forces were closely balanced but each game was a lopsided Victory for the US fighters.  The Zero with its armor of 2 and only to 2 hit points were too easy to hit even at range. Adding rules might have helped even things up but I'm not sure.  Still Don and I both had fun.

After Chris and Gordon had a game with Commandos vs. Heavy Panzers I did not see the end but it did not look good for Chris and the Commandos.