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Friday, March 9, 2012

Games and prizes Part 1

By any standard last night was a great night of gaming at Adler Hobby.  I claimed the desart fort as my prize for painting two 1500 Point armies in the escalation league.  I have wanted this since it came out and free was the prefect price!

I had some great fun watching Gordon and Eric play "whats in the box" opening new Hero Clix Startreck ships.  Gordon is doing Klingon and Eric is doing Federation so they were trading back and forth.
I got in on the plastic action by picking up the Angles 20 starter set from Axis and Allies. You get a Spitfire, 2 Hurricanes, 2 ME-109s and a BF-110 along with tokens, a full set of game cards, two maps and a rule book, not a bad deal for about forty bucks.  The planes are all the same scale as Battle Front so they can be used for air support in Flames of War too! Gordon and I did a quick demo game with may Spirfire  flaming his Ace Me-109 in the first fire phase.  The game plays quick and its should be a quick pick up for any one who enjoyed Axis and Allies War at Sea
Erica and Chris go in a game with Eric Rolled out his new Russian tanks against Chris' late war Poles.  Looked like a fun game Chris was helping teach Eric and he went.

The game ended when Chris managed to bail two IS-2 in an assault.