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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Projects for 2012

Being a typical war game hobbyist I am usual have a number of projects going on. Also being a bit of a procrastinator I am doing my list of goals and projects for 2012 at the end January rather than the beginning.

So without further adue here we are
Personal Goals:
1) attend a convention.  Believe it or not this is something I have never done.  I am planning to go to Huzzah in Portland ME.
2) Participate in a FOW tournament. this is linked to the goal above.
3) Run a Black Powder war game/tactical exercise  for Regiment Saintonge.  This is something Steven and I have talked about for a long time as a way to give people and idea of what they have to deal with as commanders in terms of tactics and derision making.

Painting Goals:
1) Finish My Free French Tirailerurs Senegalese and Decourverte de combat force for FOW
2) Paint at least 3 more units of Napoleonic French before Huzzah.
3) Paint up my Gebirgsjagers for use as a German Infantry force in the late war league.

4) Paint more 7YW and WAS 15mm to reduce my "lead debt" resulting from large number of these figures bought or received as gifts from Robert Burr.

Reading Goal:  find good books on the Eastern Front (WW II) and Napoleonic wars to improve my knowledge of these conflicts. Please give me your recommendations.

Bonus Goal: Find some use for my FOW Russians either field a Russian army or find a buyer.

That should be a good set of projects, maybe not a years worth but it should keep me busy.