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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Panzer Company 1500 pionts

Above is my Panzer company  1500 points including transports, recovery vehicle, bailed out tank crews and two objectives. My Panzer IVs were fetured recently but here are some of my other platoons.

My reading of history tells me armor needs infantry suport but Flames of War may not work that way still I have my platoon of pioneers.  They are only rifle teams but the comand has SMG and they can carry three Flamethrows.
 My most important suport platoon a battery of 10.5 CM howitzers.  They are good at digging out infantry and can kill tanks even Matildas (with the help of a little luck).

My Panzer IIs this platoon is suprizingly effective they have numbers and a gun with a good rate of fire.