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Monday, January 30, 2012

Free French Vs. Stutzpunkt

My brave legionnaires were once more called upon to assault an Axis fortified position. This as a new FOW V3 mission called counter attack you can get the another view of it here: http://ajs-wargaming.blogspot.com/2012/01/australia-day-ew-north-africa.html.

As you can see our forces deployed at almost knife range. AJ had several powerful bunker and a good defensive force but there was another objective he had to go after that was out side his position.

Turn one I was able to use smoke to naturalize his 88 Bunker and recon moves got my Australian cavalry carrier platoon on the objective. The fine French VB took out the 2cm AA bunker to my front. After a few game I have to say that killing bunkers is not that bad if you can get in range of them and you have a descent fire power.  My French vets with VB grenade launchers have been very successful at this if they can get in Range! (German and British Light mortars with at 16" range would be even better). 

AJ counter with his Panzer IIs and so the hilarity began... as Axis and Allied tanks tried desperately to kill each other but never got better than a bail.  AJ would kill my Aussies but the Free French H39 tanks and Panzer IIs would bounce shot after shot off each-other turn after turn.

I did try a right hook with my Legion sappers but though my initial attack was successful driving off AJ's command team HMG fire and bad save kill more than half my men and the legionnaires took cover behind the hill. My 75s took out the 88 and would spend the rest of the game bouncing shells off of Panzer IIs.  I love the French 75 but as a tank kill by bombardment it leaves much to be desired.

Both company commanders were kill and both of us forgot to treat them as heroes something every one in the group needs to remember. AJ and I agreed to call the battle a draw as the time was approaching mid night and I had work in the morning.