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Friday, January 13, 2012

Escalation League Free French Big push

Another game night at Adler hobby. AJ showed up and since I had played him last time Chris got to go against him. Looked like a fun game, AJ managed to win because Chris drove his Matildas into 'woods' and bogged bot tanks. AJ jumped on him like with an infantry assault and that end the "Waltzing" for the night.

This is a picture I took of Chris basting his way through AJ's defenses early in the game while Gordon was talking to the Reporter who is doing a piece on Adler Hobby.

Once Gordon was done working on PR he set up his Italian positional force and I prepared my French Foreign Legion/Free French force. You may remember last time I tried to attack this force I got creamed!

As you can se Gordon had formidable front line

This time I got a preliminary bombardment that killed several of Gordon's infantry and I had some armor, Granted half my armor was Australian Universal Carriers but this is what happens when your government surrenders.

Smoke covered one of Gordon's AT bunkers and my French 75s the other plus and MG. I deployed my guns up front to as to have direct shots. The Boys rifles on the carriers Killed a second MG Bunker.

Unfortunately my troops and tanks were crammed into a narrow area by the tank traps Gordon had set up on the flanks.

The next turn my universal carriers got bogged down on the train traks and my mortars failed to smoke. One of my Tanks was destroyed crossing the mine field then the other two bogged down!

Gordon opened up with every thing he had and one more tank and both Universal carriers got it!

Turn three had gaped the barb wire and my infantry was advancing But then Gordon's tanks started to arrive! They look lovely don't they...

I was in a difficult spot but I thought I might be be able to get out. My tank got one hit on Gordon's tanks but Gordon made his save. Like wise with my artillery bombardment French 75s suck at bombarding tanks but hey its what I had!

My infantry did drive Gordon From his forward trench line but took a lot of shots from the MG Heavy Italian tanks being cut down below half.
This was my high water mark and a moral victory

Gordon got his second Tank Platoon the next turn...
And I congratulated him on a game well played.

Here is an image of my French H39 Tanks this was their first battle folks and they really had a tough time of it