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Friday, January 20, 2012

Escalation League Encounter 1500 Points

Chris and I were both a little sick of the Big Push mission so we rolled randomly and got Encounter (number 2 in your rule book).

I started with two platoons on the table. After much consideration I put down my 10.5 cm and my Pioneers each on one the objectives I had to defend. This was probably not the right choice...

Chris Deployed his massive 25 pounder battery and an infantry platoon.

The first several turns consisted of artilery 'sniping' at each other and rolling for reserves.  Chriss go the better of both.

He took out my guns one at a time and got his Universal carries and an infantry platoon on before I got my fist platoon of tanks.

I was able to take out his universal carriers but that was a poor trade for a battery of 10.5 cms! It was a t about this time that Chris brought on his two Matildas! Not good for me!

I tried to launch and attack with my Panzer IIs and Panzer IVs and even managed to route one of his infantry platoons.  The retribution of his Matildas and 25s was swift and I was soon Tankless. At this point Iresorted to some questionable command arrangements (that seemed right at the time but on refection are probably not correct in the rules) to try and get some men over to the second objective but it was 10:30 PM so I conceaded.

Good Game Chris I thought it was like July or something then I walked out into the snow!