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Friday, November 25, 2016

Works in Progress

I haven't had much chance to paint and build lately but I have few bits I am working on.
 The ruined tower is coming along nicely.  I do have to come up with a plan for the roof the main body looks pretty good.
 After that last GQIII Game I decided my German ships needed some work.
 The Two Cruisers are basically done I need to get bases from them but other wise they are pretty well finished.
 The two Battle Cruisers are coming along nicely too.
 The red paint for turrets is historical I don't know if it saw action but it will help me distinguish the two ships at a glance.
Finally with have the test pikeman so far it seems my new primer is working just as well as the old ones.   If you are in the USA I hope you had a fine thanksgiving feast and enjoy your long holiday weekend.

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