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Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter Plans

Year 1 Curtgeld 
Winter is fast approaching and with it another winter challenge  I am planning to take part again this year, I am assuming Curt will run it again.  I had hoped that Bones III would provide me with a near unlimited number of miniatures to paint but that seems unlikely at this point.
Year 2 Curtgeld
I've got some plans one of which is to get started on a fictional Op Force for the Grand Duchy of D'Argent.  I mentioned this project earlier in the year doing a contingent of soldiers "commanded"  by each of my regular gaming buddies.  I have three contingents planned already and a couple of friends I want to get uniform details form.  Frank Shepherded selected a color scheme based on the  60th Foot, Mike Pain picked Black, Maroon and Gray and Mike Johns picked Red White and Pink for his colors.  This should make an interesting and colorful corps to the force.  

I've got a bunch of Warlord pieces ready to be the an army for The Pikeman's lament.  The rules aren't out yet but as they are by the same author as Lion and Dragon Rampant I suspect I will like them. I'll probably paint up one or two of these before the challenge to make sure this new primer I used works.  
I've got a few more War Lord Figures ready to go and some old pike men I got years ago but never had a good use for. Before the challenge gets going I have some terrain projects to finish up that are in various stages. 
 Like this tower for Frostgrave.
and this primitive stone building for the same game.  I'm not sure about this one I may scrap it but then again I may not.  No games last week or over the weekend but I think the plan is to try In Her Majesty's Name on Thursday.