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Sunday, November 20, 2016

En Garde! Defending the Block house

Thursday Dave Frank and I met Thursday for a three player game of En Garde! I had my Spanish troops defending a block house against Dave's Puritans and Franks Pirate (well they are mine but Frank was running them).  We played using the rain rules (we rolled for weather) so Dave's matchlocks wouldn't work and mine would only work in the block hose.
I send Alatrieste and his swordsmen out to intercept Frank's advanced troops.
Dave is advancing up the other side.
Frank's scouts fell back... so my attempt to ambush them has failed and I send some of my men back toward the objective
The Scout returns and is engaged
She uses her pistols it the fight but I am lucky in the exchange.
Shots ring out form the block hose.  Hitting the Puritan leader.
My commander steps forward and fires (pistols work in the rain but can have trouble when its re-loaded) but misses!
Pirates and Spanish ruffians begin to engage!
Puritans attack the outer wall of the block house!
Frank fires his blunderbuss into the melee and anti-climatically misses every one in the fight an amazing display of bad marksmanship.
Still the fighting is bloody one of my men has a serious wound and the other has a light wound and they are all stunned. One pirate is dead.
The Puritan leader is killed and a few others are wounded my men take a few stun markers.
Fighting on the flank continues...
and Frank makes a clean sweep of my Spaniards
The Puritans make a final rush (its the last turn) its a massive fight 4 of my men against 6 of Dave's
My men exact a savage price killing 3 of the puritans and inflicting a serious wound on another.  We get off without a hit.  That ends the game but if frank and Dave had two more turns I would have been in big trouble.  The random game length worked in my favor giving me a technical win but I would call this one a draw.  I didn't hurt Franks army at all (Alatriste and his men rolled terribly this game)