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Thursday, November 3, 2016

More Redoubt Figures and Size Comparison

I got these two (and some others that are not yet painted) at the same time as Francisco de Quevedo miniature since I was ordering from the UK and it didn't make sense to take the hit on the shipping for one figure.
I like this guy best of the two.  Its not a formal fencing guard but its reasonably close and I see him as a man sweeping is blades in front of him to make a crowed of enemies back off.
The figure has great details on the collar and the slashed pants and sleeves. I don't know if slashed pants like that were an actual thing but it feels reasonable.
I'm not entirely sure what to make of this stance it the arms were higher and stretched out further it would be a reasonable fencing stance.
Sort of like the guy on the left.
Again its a finely detailed and good quality but his stance is a little odd. These two will probably get play in En Garde!
Warlord; Redoubt; Brother Vinni; Eureka  
Redoubt enterprises figures are big by removing the base from the feet entirely  I was able to get him (second from the left) to be about the same height as the others in my collection.  They are little bulkier then the others but not too bad.

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