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Friday, November 4, 2016

HOW Battle of Sturbridge (1)

So we have my first effort at putting together a table for the table above.  Dave commanded the attacking force while my self an Mike (who arrived latter handled the defenders)
I sent on unit of light troops forward hoping to take flanking position to the right of the attacking troops.
Dave has his men coming forward.
I have one small unit of horsemen who I send forward to harass Dave and maybe take the battery of guns.
Relief troops begun to inch forward to the
Light troops start a harassing fire at Dave's advance
One of Dave's units turns to deal with the light troops are the Artillery prepares to open fire
the First Ranging shot lands home.
my cavalry gets a little to close and gets nicked
I send them charging in but closing fire is very harsh and they tumble back
Dave drives my men back with fire after they evade their charge.
The defenders guns claim more victims as the right wing of the attackers tuns toward the village
The Light infantry make it back to safety and the reserves are coming up our defensive postion look really strong
Dave is trying to slip past, Mike plans to let him then fall on his rear... but the command roll strikes. Mikes commander is Dashing and he rolls a a 6 "inspired"  Meaning his men must make at lest one move toward the enemy.
Still it look petty good...
Dave successfully brings his men around to meet the attack but at least we don't face closing fire.
My cavalry comes up to support.  Mike wins both fights though both are quite bloody.
Dave's gun unlimbers and and prepares to let fly
My cavalry charge again hitting the badly damages unit of infantry...
Still Dave is in a pretty good position having established a line to counter our attacks
I drive back the infantry but my horsemen must fall back them selves.  Mike and I start to pull our men back from our unintended spoiling attack (still we disrupted Dave's plan and broke two of his units at the cost of one of our own).
With time running out Dave sends his elite infantry into a desperate charge against the village
Fighting is fierce but in the end the attackers are thrown back.  I think the attackers need more troopers and better artillery or perhaps delay the arrival of the relief column to balance it better.  I 'm looking forward to trying using this field for other scenarios or trying this one again.