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Monday, November 21, 2016

Carnage and Glory: Peter Loweitt's Waltz on the Danube

My Friend Peter Lowitt periodically hosts big war games at his house using Carnage and Glory this scenario which he called Waltzing on the Danube pitted an Austrian force commanded by Rich, Pierce and myself against a French-Bavarian force commanded by Leo, Rob and Steve.  Peter handled the computer and any other adjudication that was needed. Leo was directly opposite me.  The Austrian army is huge but the French troops are of better quality and generally more nimble.
Austria was given initiative first turn and I quickly started shuffling troops to the left so we don;t get squeezed into a box.  Leo's cavalry are moving forward fast and his grand battery on that hill is looking very scary.
Rich is moving up the right with a mixed force of regular and light infantry.  Pierce has moved up to the center but that corn field limits his options.
Calvary charge and counter charge...
I'm able to hit one of the guns while its still limbered the other two get deployed but to late to fire at me as I close.
Austrian dragoons charge to defend our artillery from Bavarian Lancers
The Guards battery I charged was reduced form 200 to 11 men but didn't break entirely.. they did run away behind the infantry and hid there the rest of the day.  That Ulan unit would win Honors for the day.
My other unit of Ulans also won their fight but my hussars on the left were driven back.
The Dragoons were badly cut up but saved the guns... the Bavarians take the better part of valor and fall back away form the guns
I send a small  unit of Fricorps cavalry in to hold off the French Hussars to gain my hussars time to get away. The succeed in this but are broken by their charge.. still they buy me the time I need to get my left flank deployed.
The Ulans attempted to follow up their charge but fail to they are able to successfully break off and rally
We have pushed forward in the center but the corn field limits our ability to advance we can't charge what we can't "see" and the French have an advantage in the skirmish battle. On the right an agressive lung by the Bavarian has been stopped and rich is slowly advancing.
Leo has advanced his cavalry and infantry are coming up to support them too the artillery on both sides are blazing away and inflicting massive casualties on both sides.  The Gunners aimed at each other a lot(often they were the only target for each other) and artillery men on both side showed great courage standing to their guns through out the battle
Pierce at suggestion form me and Rich advances through the corn field and the two lines of infantry open up on each other.
Those guard artillery men hiding behind the hill and their infantry.
My Grenzers and Jager open up on the French cavalry as do the infantry to coming up to close off the flank.  Leo's horse men ride off to get out of the cross fire.
My Ulans how have rallied come back up with other cavalry units behind them I'm preparing a counter punch
Our attack in the center has met a check but Austrian Grenadiers are on their way up.  Rich and Steve's forces are driving at each other on the right.
The center is looking ragged but a second line and reinforcements are coming up I have my cavalry readying to sally forth but it will all depend on the end of turn moral checks..
As you can see our forward forces collapsed.  If we had more time we might recover.  Our moral is at 76% while the French are at 90+% both sides have lost 10% of their forces.  We had to end the game the computer ruled it an inconclusive engagement.  I would say the French forces were in a slightly better situation.  The Austrian army's side worked against it. some of our troops dispersed off board because they couldn't find a place to stop on table because of the congestion of troops behind them.