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Friday, October 28, 2016

Secret Santa list

To whoever my secret Santa  may be (as Organized by the Blog With No Name) here are some options you might consider for me. I have my target and I'm eager to see what he's looking at.

Col. Bills: I've been working on building up my "civilian" sets and these work nicely.

the Wrath of God

C17th Inn Set

EurekaUSA:  I'm a huge fan of the Eureka Conquistadors set and the Swivel Guns would be awesome for finishing the war Galley Project.

Swivel Gun  (x2) 

Warlord Games:  These are great sets that I would love to have but wouldn't get for myself making them perfect gifts.

Pike & Shotte Marksman & Master Gunner

Pike & Shotte Mule Train

Petard Assault Team

Fire and Brimstone - Rabblerousers

Anything terrain related but I would particularly like some of the buildings form Things from the Basement  Such as:

The Haunted houses

These are just ideas... you can also look at my 2015 list  for other ideas.

I'll be happy with any gift related to any of the games I play but the above are all items I have been eyeing for a while.

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