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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun Elements House

 This showed up once before in 2013 when it was given to me by my gaming friend Jose Anes.  He made these as a gift to his opponents in a flames of war tournament.  It was a very nice gesture and I really like the house but its sat on my too do pile for far too long.
 So I decided to paint it up for use in my up coming ACW game at Fort Deven's Game Day.  Jose got a lot of nice texture on the roof and the brick work.
 The windows even had curtains out lined on the windows a amazing little touch.  I went simple on the colors, gray roof, redbrick, light blue-gray for the windows.  The Yellow door was to give a splash of color and I think it works.  Some of the brick could use a touch up so it looks better in close ups.
 Its a two story building and the floor of the second story is engraved with the event I got the house from Jose at.
The lower level has no floor which is find as the house will sit of the table directly.

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