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Monday, October 17, 2016

Battle of Somewhere Pennsylvania

This entirely fictional battle is inspired by the first day of Gettysburg.  Longstreet's 1st Corps is the leading element of the confederate force.  Thanks to his Scouts/spies and his more generally judicious personality.  Longstreet's forces are better prepared when they bump into Union Cavalry and  begin the day with two of three division already on the field.  There opponent is Reynolds 1st Corps screened by Buford and his cavalry division. 
 Rich Wallace in the role of Longstreet advances with McLaws on the right and Hood on the left of the road.   The men advance steadily taking fire form the Yankee repeater armed cavalry.  One confederate Brigade is gets cut up by the fire but the others come on.
 Not wasting time with fire the Confederates advance with the bayonet
 Hood takes the hill to the left of the road but McLaws men are repulsed.  The Iron Brigade takes up a position behind the retreating Calvary men.
 Additional union troops are coming up the road(Commanded by Dana Rock)  and the left flank(Commanded by Kieth Howe) of their position...
 Pickets Virginia division(commanded by Jess Reardon)  has arrived on the Confederate left and is advancing to support Hood.  Union Troops from the first division try to get in position to hold that flank,
 Rich's next attack is brilliantly executed.  It crushes the union cavalry and sends it flying.  Union troops are moving into position on the Confederate flank but are no threat at the moment.
 The Iron brigade held off one attack but was unable to do enough damage with fire to cripple the Confederates... On the Union Right a battery of three heavy rifles helps keep picket at a respectful distance and gets some kills as the third division splits to suport both the flank and center.
 Hood Drives back the Iron brigade
 and a major fire fight erupts on the confederate left as the 2nd division infantry and artillery arrive
 3rd division troops arrive in support of the 1st Division and shore up the position on the town  decimated union Cavalry regroup in a ragged line.
 Confederate shooting on the union artillery is impressive but rolls to confirm don't pan out and only one heavy rifle is lost. The infantry lost a stand as well but Jess Playing the roll of Pickett is almost in position for a potentially devastating charge
 Union Fire on the confederate right rips into confederate units shredding that flank, Suddenly the Confederates hopes look grim.
 The union counter attacks, the results are inconclusive one win and won loss.  At this point I had to call the game because I needed to get to a wake before the visiting hours were done.
Final situation.  Jess/Pickett is in position to launch a major attack on the confederate left.  Her troops are eager and she has the Rebel Yell card so her odds of success are very good If successful she might turn the flank of the troops in the village and swing that fight in Hood/Rich's Favor.  On the flip side Dana and Bill have a good position in the village and if their flank isn't turned they can probably hold.  The Union 2nd Division and cavalry under Keith Howe only have a few stands of McLaw's division and some artillery  standing between them and the rear of Hoods division.  At this point its either a draw or a Union Victory though the Hood/McLaws attack on the dismounted cavalry is a feet any confederate can be proud of.