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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Deerfield 1704 Playtest

Dave and I have been working on scenario for Huzzah! next year, most of the effort has been Dave's.   Dave is running the game next weekend at Deven's so we wanted to give it a shot.  The Game is based on the Deerfield Raid of 1704 and uses a modified version of En Garde!  Snow allowed the raiders to get a group of men  over the wall and they must open the gate.
The French want to get the gate open.. the natives also want gain captives for glory.
Civilians are hiding in the buildings, they may defend them selves but can't initiate combat...
Militia on the other hand are armed (though not not all are armed well) and can and will fight.
Dave's son Will immediately goes for prisoners... my French head down the road as fast as they can
As soon as the light improves enough Frank and Dave open up
My officer is killed immediately but the sergeant send men to behind cover with two men ready to lay down fire to cover us.  Will's second band of Indians is coming up be hind us.
Troops on both sides are firing in earnest... as civilians huddled in their homes or in the gate house
My men swing right around the house heading for the gate house but find perfidious Albion is already there...
My men being a fire fight... my shooting was poor...
Will head down the road with a pseudo-Napoleonic column of Indians
I decided it is time to close with sword and bayonet
We clash hand to hand...
Will and his natives do the same
Shooting and stabbing like crazy... we kill a couple of English...
But more men keep coming... Some changes are clearly needed to balance the scenario.