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Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Witch Hunt

Dave set up a game on his "Salem" table you can see the disembodied head of his son William at the end of the table.
We have three Witches, and three Witch hunters... there are seven treasure points they give the witches spells and the hunters artifacts (Witches start with three spells, and you can use them to bribe town folk to get them to help you but if you do you loose them) 
I'm playing the Widow Bishop again I got Mind Control, Grenade, and Animal companion as you can see I got a Wolf.  I also picked up another spell at the treasure point.
William got himself a follower right off and sent him off to hunt witches.
I decided to grab myself an Allie.
He proved very useful fight off getting a one shot one kill hit on Dave's witch hunter.
Will's solider engages Ren's witch Nick took a shot at Ren's Witch and killed Nick's Solider.
My soldier took a defensive position
My wolf engages Nick's hunter...
I got a good bite on the Demon but then I get cut down...
My Soldier kills first the Demon and then the Nick's other solider...
Then I am fighting Nick's Hunter... I hit him... but not enough to kill
The Widow Bishop finds the treasure book that is the goal of all the Witches...
Nick kills my soldier and then...
Finds his way in... Dave tries a spell but (he's taken over Ren's witch once he had to go home) but Nick breaks free...
He engages me and Have to fight but roll badly and Nick kills my Witch. It was a close game... but this one goes to the Hunters! Dave's card system for getting spells worked relay well and will be great for running convention games.