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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Things from the Basement: Well of Dreams and Sorrows

Last Spring at Huzzah!con I ran across a new company Called Things from the Basement and to my pleasure they had some great gaming terrain, some of it directly inspired by Frostgrave.  One item that caught my attention and inspired me to buy was their take on the "Well of Dreams and Sorrows.
At under $10.00 the price is awesome.  I loved the base and the body of the well and the pillar raising form it. This looks like it belongs in a city square but the icon at the top was not to my liking.   No problem at this price I could easily justify buying  mini to go on top of it.  One of Reapers "angels of sorrow" (which we all know are a cut rate version of Dr Who's weeping angels)
Here is the back view I tried to make it look like it was made from different types of stone I'm pleased over all.  As is often the case when painting wood there do seem to be a few places where I will have to touch up but over all I think the piece looks great.
Close up on the Angel statue. She does detach (held on with magnates) for storage and or game play. She has a sister who looks to be on the attack that needs to be based.
this is my first try at water effects I used a white glue and water formula I found.  The formula called for blue food coloring, I opted to mix in some sparkly blue embossing powder and I think it worked nicely.  The second coat is still a little cloudy but it should clear up.  Even if it doesn't it still looks a good bit like ice, which works for Frostgrave.  Things from the Basement has lots of other good terrain you should check them out.
See all clear.