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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Live Shoot

That's Exciting isn't it.  Its vidieo of a live shoot Regiment Saintonge Conducted on June 4th 2016 (Hopefuly it works)
Here you can see me getting some last minute instructions on the live shoot process Steven and Dana.

And the main event
Given the last time I fired anything live was .22 back at the Camp Squanto Range in 1996(or so)  and that I have never live fired a musket I didn't do badly.  7 of 9 shots hit home on a man sized targe (and one of the misses was the first shot) and the last Three wer in a pretty good grouping (in that cluster were a lot os shots landed) one of the misses would have probably gotten a let or somthing more delicate ;).  Range was 25 Yards so I'm hardly going to call my self a crack shot.
My Friend Dwight on the other hand can lay sme claim as those three near center mass were his first three shots!  You can check out some more vidieos on my face book page French shoot