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Monday, June 20, 2016

Bridal Party Minatures (1) Jackie and Ella

As mentioned previously I painted a minature for each member of our wedding party each was picked for a reason.  Our colors were Navy Blue, Coral and Teal. Today is the actual wedding day so Wish us luck as we start this new chapter.
First up is gunfighting western angle painted for the first of Ariana Co-Maids of Honor, Jackie.  I could call each of the women in our party "sisters" to Ariana but Jackie is special (they all are, lets say she's the eliete of the eliete) .  She's helped up us out a number of times over the last year as we been doing our planning.
The wedding colors come in in her navy, jean coral sirt and a teal head band.
Jackie's Daughter Ela is Ariana unofficial Niece.  Ella is a huge fan of Tinkerbell and the Disney farries so I decided to give her one of her own.
Colors are similar to those of Tinker Bell but I gave her butterfly type wings in our wedding colors. I did the base as a sparkling magical pond since I figured Ella might like that.  Both are Reaper minatures.