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Friday, June 10, 2016

Honors of War: Suprise at Spittelwitz

Dave and I took command of the attacking forces of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent attacking a dug in force belonging to the Austrians.
Dave and I started across quickly to the front ...
and with the flanking attack. (note in the book this is a Bridge but I made it ford. I also made this section of river unfordable except for the marked ford.
Regiment Marini has rushed between the redoubt perhaps not the best move.
Regiment Taskovics takes fire from the front and flank and Breaks! (so much for a Superior unit!)
After their first move the flanking legion became the reluctant legion rolls a "poor" performance two turns in a row.
Turn three we are across the river but the light troops are holding their own against us..
The cavalry is coming up to counter attack for the Austrians.
Austrian Artillery is hitting us (sending two of our regiment reeling back) and the Austrian Grenadiers are now on our flanks.  The Light troops are also doing their damage.
With the hour getting late we had to call it.  Our Flank attack 3 units of cavalry and two infantry is getting into position but we've already lost 3 units...   Thinking on it Dave and I should have let the Artillery soften up the Light troops before crossing and maybe sent even more support to the Flank attack.   I really though we would blitz the light troops but they proved surprisingly effective at slowing us down.