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Extra Life
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Gifts for my Groomsmen

When Looking around for gifts for my groomsmen I just didn't find anything I realy liked.  Actualy it would be more acurate to say I didn't see anything I liked that I trusted the quality of, when I give a gift I want to be sure its somethign the recipient will like and will be able to use for many years.
So a turned to my reenacting Collegue Dean Rantz of Rock Village Forge
He made these fine Bottle openers for me and then I had them engraveda at Lowell Makes by Castro of GiveWave Studios.
The Guys are alos geting a mason jar full of nips and each member of the wedding party is getting a minature I have painted personaly for them. Those will be scheduled for posting while I am out on my Honeymoon.