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Friday, June 24, 2016

Bridal Party (5) William and Kevin

I did these for my brother and co-best man Kevin.  After some thought I settled on this Reaper gun slinger and having made him a cowboy it made sense to make his son William, our ring bearer, one of Reaper's wild west kids.  I like that the kid looks ready to back dad up if he needs it (hope that cut down shotgun doesn't knock him over) .  I'm pleased with how I was able to work the wedding colors onto the figure, ties and hat bands are great places to work in colors like teal and coral.
A part of me wishes, I had done Bilbo or Frodo for William but as he's only 4 he doesn't know those stories yet so he wouldn't get the joke.  All in all Its better he match dad and hopefully I don't get in trouble because the figure is holding a gun.