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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bridal Party (8) Steven and Dana

OK lets be clear these two are not a couple!  I should probably have photographed them separately.  Steven is my other co-best man and had I know how busy his spring was going to be I would probably have asked Dana to take on the job.  Years ago I gave Steven the nickname "Marquies Doestomuch" and it generally holds True.  I've Painted Steven as a French General of the AWI Period a role he and Dana have both played at re-enactments.
Dana was done as French officer as he is Captain of Regiment Saintonge (most rev war groups portray company level units).  Dana is the guy (with help form his lady Jess) who keeps not just Saintonge running smoothly but at least one other unit (Sudbury minutemen) on track as well. Hi did his best to help keep my groomsmen in line too.  So my tribute to Dana is an officer of Regiment Saintonge.  I dropped out of reneacting for a few years mostly because of my weight and I cannot tell you how great the way Dana and Steven both welcomed me back was. Its been said with true friends you can pass years with out seeing each other and pick up right where you left off.  We never lost touch true but returning to the field with them was a bit like a home coming and in many ways its like I never left.

Both Figures are from Front Rank