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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tournament at the Whiz (4) Breakthrough

The Final battle had me facing Mark's Indian Company form the 8th Army. Mark changed things up by choosing to night attack thus making my normally offensive Armor company the defensive force.  I could only have one mobile force on the board so I picked my recon to back up my AT guns. Air would be all but useless in this scenario (this was the only game I really regretted having it, even if it didn't get me a single kill all day, in 3 games.)  such is war.
 I had my 8-Rads swing around the forest on the left and or press forward to limit Mark's spear head move. some what.  I had hoped to snipe his 40mm AA guns while they were tuck mounted but had not luck. This didn't work out but it did make Mark deploy them further back then I think he would have liked.
 Indians and scouts advance, right at me! My AT gunners were feeling a bit out numbered I have to say!
 MG fire form the 8-Rads and some shots form the guns soon had them pinned.
 The AT guns took out the scouts but then faced attack from the Indians which they drove off with the help of the 8 Rads. The AA guns and Matildas did do some damage taking out two of my AT guns.
 My AT gun got a little of its own back... you can kill Matilda tanks with PAK 38s.  I had gotten both my tank platoons by now and Marks reinforcements got on the board now too.
 My Panzer IIs race to intercept the arriving Indian infantry and mounted AT guns. 
 A combination of MG fire, a failed Dig-in roll and a lucky assault cleared the infantry. from the road and my tanks had good luck sniping the AT guns over about two turns... as Matilda rolled down the road.
I had one shot to stop them, took it with my AT gun, the shot missed Matilda and her sister rolled on to take the objective and shot up the command team of the AT gun forcing a moral check... they ran away. I was able to move my Panzer VIs in to flank position and contest the objective... Mark killed another 8-Rad and the even timed out after several turns of ineffective shooting on both sides. I won this game 4-3 an ugly win if ever there was one. I had a lot of fun playing with Mark, I always do, he was my vote for best sportsman.