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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Invasion of England Play test 2

The English player Bergi and Ted  set up in a strong position. They did make what I felt was an important mistake placing the County Brigade (the second best in the English army) in the center garrisoning the town. I felt this was a better position for a lesser brigade and since I was the ref not a player I told them so, they did it any way. They used the positional battery to hold there right flank it worked as they intended and excepting some long range fire and a small cavalry clash this English right was quiet through out the battle.

The French set up and directed their attack down the center and at the left flank of the English. they go a lucky command roll and were on the hill over looking the road an village before for the English could occupy their works (that will be fixed! Ted I promise!)

The French dice rolls were unbelievably good  especially in hand to hand combat. In Three turns of play the broke an English Cavalry brigade and the English Guard Brigade takeing control off the central hill and turning the English left flank. The Yeomen Brigade to the left of the hill was holding against the leading French infantry but with two more brigades including the Swiss the English left flank was about to fold.  The only question was how dearly those Yeomen could sell their lives.

With the Guards Broke and the County Brigade committed to holding the village the English had no reserves. Over all the game was enjoyed and seemed reasonably balanced given the fact that the two sides were on the opposite end of the bell curve.

Thanks for the great feed back guys I think I have the forces close to right now. I think I will use half scale rather than 2/3rds as I think that will make life easier and keep troops form running across the table in most un18th Century manner. 
The French took the key center hill on turn 1
Bad luck Ted threw 8 dice he needed to get 3s and got none!

Irish and French threaten the Center Pinning English troops to the village.

Generals Bergi and Ted discuss strategy with another Game Castle player.
French Break the Guards Brigade and become kings of the Hill.
French Generals Bob and Rich plot the down fall of perfidious Albion
French hold the hill English Cavalry broken withdraws behind the woods.
English Yeomen get some of their own back holding the French Regiment in Bloody hand to hand fighting.
L'Roi is pleased! Generals Bob is promoted to Marshal of France and Rich is inducted is made Knight of Saint Louis.