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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tournament at the Whiz 1 (Dust up)

This Saturday I made my way to the Whiz for an early war tournament. I used my DAK German Mittler Panzer force form Hellfire and back.  I lost my first two games 4-3 and 6-1 and won the final game 4-3 over all I was pleased with my performance.  The first battle was Dust Up and we had French Armor Commanded by Jason 'defending' against German armor in and around a french Village.

 I only got two units on the board to start so I use my AT guns to hold my objectives and the 8 Rads threaten my foe.
 Ne place his Artillery (105s) and the truck mounted 47mm AT guns. Which you can see wasted no time killing my CO!

 The battle quickly tunred into an urban knife fight with my 8 rads and latter Panzer IIs mixed it up in town square with the AT Guns and latter a set of H39! My Panzer IVs stayed at range providing support.
 My Doom approaching I had only the AT guns and air to hold this flank Air did very badly and my AT guns were down to 1 gun thanks to some good shooting by French artillery.
 Then the French armored cars came... Like I didn't have enough trouble!
 My air makes a last hail marry attack but fails and the french win the game.  This list is just too small sometimes its very hard to take objectives while trying to hold others at the same time. I tried for the early win and things did not go my way.

The final position of the brawl in the village just before the Germans got the order to pull out due to cut supply lines!