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Monday, July 23, 2012

D'Argent's Army (Maurice inspired Imagi-nation)

Infantry 7 Units, 1 Elites and 6 regulars.

The Elite regiment is the Duke's Guard, about two thirds of the soldiers are the best men from the native regiments with the other third made up of young men from noble families from D'Argent and beyond (especially of the poorer variety).  As such the Guard servers as the informal military academy of D'Artgent. Uniforms are White with purple cuffs and small cloths, and silver lace.

Two of D'Argent's Regiments are foreign.

The First of these is Swiss they wear the traditional red coat of French Swiss troops. Cuffs and small cloths are yellow. They have no name at this point.

The Second regiment is Chevalier de Burre's Celtic Regiment comprised of Irish and Scottish Jacobite Exiles. There coats are also red with Black cuffs, and buff small cloths.

The 4 native regiments wear gray coats with small cloths and cuffs in various colors.
For now I will just use numbers but regiments will probably have names relating to provinces or commanders.All infantry wear Black gaiters.
1st Regiment Green Cuffs
2nd Regiment Red Cuffs,
3rd Regiment Black Cuffs,
4th Regiment Orange Cuffs.

Cavalry 3 units 1 Elites and 2 regulars(dragoons).

Gendarmes D'Argent are elite cavalry of the Duchy.  While a large number of the personal are members of noble families the soldiers are not like the Gendarmes of France as they do not serve at their own expense. Uniforms are Red with black cuffs and gold lace.  Uniforms include a back enameled breast plate.

Prince Carriere Dragoons are traditionally commanded Grand Duke's heir, currently his brother.  Uniforms are Blue with Red small cloths and cuffs.

Duchess "Ariana" Dragoons are named for the Grand Duke's wife.  Uniforms are Green with pink small cloths and cuffs.

Artillery 2 Batteries.

The Duchy's artillerymen and engineers wear brown uniforms with orange cuffs.  Small cloths match the coats, gaiters are black like the infantry.

Naturally nothing is fixed until the units in question are painted.

At some point there will probably be a Hussar regiment and a Militia formation for newly raised regiments. Finally I will have some sort of irregular force probably a sort of Mounted Jeager force that will be part boarder guard, part police and part military scouts in organization.