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Friday, July 20, 2012

Maurice inspired self indulgence.

Having played one game of Maurice I should probably be more circumspect but I know there are at least two other people people who are interested in this game, Bergi and Rob and a few others who have expressed some interest. So I started looking though my extensive lead reserve of Old Glory 7 Years War figures and I should have plenty to an army of 10 to 12 units.

I am thinking abut 6 or 7 infantry and 3 or 4 cavalry plus a pair of guns and a few national advantages.

I have been fascinated with the whole imagi-nation thing for some years, I used to do a lot of RPGs and while I really do have a preference for war-gaming the idea of having a personality on the board is something I some times miss.

So rather than re-base my current 18th century armies I am building a new one, a fictional one. I am recycling the name from my last RPG campaign were I played a late Medieval/early Renaissance noble man Giscard D'Argent.  My Nation will be the Grand Duchy D'Argent.

I'll use French figures for my troops as I like the look of those uniforms and I like the idea of being of being the guy who sticks with the old school uniforms when every one else starts following Prussian military fashion.

I look forward to designing uniforms, coming up with names and so forth for the regiments of my army.

The Duchy itself will be a river valley looking a bit like a "y" laying on its side with the two forks facing west and slightly north with the tail falling away to the south east.  The flanks of the valley have rugged but not impassable mountains giving way to hills with vineyards, orchards and pasture land. the area along the river itself will be mostly farm lands. One City, two or three decent towns and numerous villages.

Not a bad place to call home I would say.