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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Projects on the Table

I have been pecking away at a number of projects some are very near to completion I just need a new can of dull coat and a day were the humidity is reasonable. Other projects are very much works in progress.

First up are the addition for my 4th Armored company.  I like having recovery vehicles in my tank forces even if they don't do much recovery they can absorb one hit and this one even has a M2 AA-HMG so it can provide some limited fire support or extra AA defense. This one is nearing completion.

I also decided to get a Sherman-Dozer tank, I can use this for one of the tanks in my company or add it to a Combat-Engineer platoon for some extra fire power. I have always like the Combat-Engineer platoon and this just makes it even cooler (though expensive points wise).

The Germans have not been neglected.

I got this Sniper several month ago as an award at Adler Hobby and have recently finished him. He'll look great on an Urban table. This is the Konig figure a man of questionable historic authenticity but no less fun for that.
I also did this stand from my Gebirgsjager Artillery set he can work as an observer or a sniper as needed.
Here are the two 75mm Mountain howitzers from  the Gebirgsjager artillery set.  I will probably use them as infantry guns as they are the same size and caliber.  I used some cork to simulate rocky mountain terrain I am fairly please with the results.

I have the other two mounted with French gunners but I have the ability to remover the guns as they are stick with magnets. You may remember theses guys.

That brings me to this piece a single PAK38 5CM gun that I got as part of the Free French Partisan box set.
 It is mounted with magnate so this gun can be used by the french or one of the 75mm mountain howitzers can be mounted in its place.

Finally we have a pair of PAK40 75mm Guns.  I mixed in Gebirgsjager Artillery men in with the regular gunners.  These will provide a somewhat cheaper than 88s but effective AT option for my German Armies something I currently lacking. 
The infantry guns and PAKs need command so these have not been neglected Gebirgsjager officers ready to lead.
Finally I am using the Swichmwagon and officers form the Whitman set to make a new objective. a Gebirgsjager is reaching out to grab the shovel on the swichmwagon so he can dig in... I am sure the officers will not mind!

Like I said these are works in progress some painting and a fair bit of basing is still required here. I also have some new French tanks for early war to do up.

Next I am going to take a bit of a break for WWII and work on some more houses and some 28mm Dismounted Dragoons (I can't believe I am under taking 28mm Napoleonics again I must be sick).