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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tournament at the Whiz (2) No Retreet

In the second battle of the day my DAK Panzer were on an actually desert table! I was facing Mitch and his Guards infantry. His list included two Matilda tanks and battery of 25 Pounders I really hate these especially in combination and to win I would have to face one or the other!

 This was the objective I decided to go after as facing the Matilda tanks was a no win proposition.
 I did use my PAK38 5cm guns (at the top) to fix the tanks in place (this worked for a few turns)
 My 8 Rads used recon and storm troop to limit Mitch's options for his ambush. he had to pop them turn one on the left so there shots were all long range.
 Narrow rods lead to great targets for Artillery but with all these cliffs what can an armor commander do. My dice were bad Air again did nothing, my Panzer IIs got two 25 pounders but with more and more men showing up I was in trouble. Mitch killed 4 of my 5 Panzer IIs it was crunch time and in a real battle I would have cut my losses and run.
This was not a real battle so I tried to assault but Mitch bailed two of my tanks so the assault failed to take place and extended my hand to Mitch. He was a little surprised but I reminded him of the new rules about tanks in assault "glad you remembers that" was his response as he took my hand.  We both had fun, I lost 6-1, I could maybe have survived another turn but I don't think I would have made any head way with the Matilda tanks coming in from behind.