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Friday, December 9, 2016

Kriegsmarine Squadron

 I got these a while ago and they've already seen action but I wanted to get them painted. I decided to paint them all in the same basic camouflage pattern but with some small differences.
The pattern I am using.  Taken form http://www.admiral-hipper-class.dk/ 

 A Bismark Class battle ship leads the way.  For big ships I also have two Scharnhorst class battle ships the second ship has the red brown paint I have seen in some images so I can tell the ships apart at a glance.
 Side view of the Bismark
 Side view of the Scharnhost ships
Smaller ships I have a Hipper Class heavy cruiser and a Duetschland class "Pocket Battle ship"
The Hippers always look like scaled down version of the Bismark that's one reason I put the red on here turrets to help keep people from confusing them.  I also like the way it looks.
The Deutshlands are a strange ships.  The two turret configuration is a little odd they have tremendous punch but a glass jaw.  In most of the rules I have seen the Hippers are actually more damage resistant.  This is an odd little mix of ships but with it you can do most of the surface actions the Germans took part in during World War II.  At some point I will need to get some Destroyers to escort them but for now my US or Japanese destroyers can substitute for Germans if I really need them.