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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dragon Rampant: Sausage and Mustard

Dave and I met up Thursday for some Dragon Rampant.  I had my Green and White Knights defending the village.  We decide to play a Lion Rampant scenario called "Sausage and Mustard"
Dave's Dwarves have a grudge and are looking to burn my village down.
I didn't move much on the first turn
Dave gets his dwarf berserkers into position light one hose afire...
They succeed but we don't have any flame effects so you will have to use your imagination meanwhile my men are advancing.
And my heavy riders are flanking around to the left. My Ax wielding heavy infantry successfully defends the house sending Dave's boar mounted dwarves back.
On the fight the blue and purple infantry companies are maneuvering to block the dwarves
The Blue company attempts to attack but fails to charge intimated by the Dwarf Shield maiden's heavy "metal."
Instead the Dwarf Berserkers charge in... we manage to send them back
but we are not so lucky with the Dwarf elites charge us.
Sending the blue company tumbling back with heavy casulties
My Heavy Cavalry joins the fray
The Red Company is moving up in support as a second melee between the riders brings and end to the Dwarves
Dave brings and end to the Blue Company
The Purple Company gets suck in at last tangling with the much reduced Dwarven Berserkers
The Dwarves not nearly as effective on the defense as on the attack fall back.
The Red Company launches the first assault on the Dwarve's heavy foot driving it back and breaking the wall of spears
Then my Heavy and Elite Cavalry begin to pound it one form each flank
Dave Sets one more house on fire...
As my infantry turns form the heavy foot to guard the last two buildings
While my cavalry hunts down the survivors of other battles to break the Moral of Dave's army.  Two Dwarven untis escape to drink meed in their halls of stone and tell the tail of how the burned two of my house but paid a heavy prices.  This is a minor victory for the Green and White or you might call it a draw if your a Dwarf.