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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hungarian Students Vs 3rd Armor

 Since both of us had the day off I met up with Gerry Lane at the Whiz on Monday.  It was the first time I had been to the Whiz in months and I hadn't seen Gerry since Huzzah in May so it was great to reconect.
My reluctant Veteran 3rd Armor are ready to looking to move into and beyond some European Village.
Gerry and his Fearless Conscript Hungarian Students battalion are also ready to go.
Jerry sent his Tankettes (L3/35s I believe) forward for recon and the Stugs soon followed fire on my big infantry platoon didn't result in any hits
Gerry also had his Pioneer troops advance into the woods in the center to either support the armor or deny it to me depending on how things played out
My platoon of standard Sherman Tanks moved into the village and landed multiple hits on Stugs two went up in flames while the third was bailed out
Gerry failed his moral check so the crew of the third set charges and ran for the rear.
Gerry got a bit of his own back as his big AA Gun hit one of my tanks and blew it up to the cheers of the Gerry next tried to get his recon tankettes in to position to hit my mortar half tracks...
instead he found himself surrounded by Sherman tanks who eliminated the threat with a liberal dosage of 50 and 30 Caliber MG ammunition.
Gerry's attempts to kill my Jumbo with artillery failed thanks to a good armor save on my part..
but he did get of of my Easy 8 Sherman tanks.
The Tanks moved forward a bit to clear the smoke and landed multiple hits on the battery we pinned them but didn't get any kills.
I survived another bombardment and Gerry is threatening my flank with those pioneers.
Multiple tanks spray the woods and two pioneer teams die.  Gerry kills another Easy 8 and I get one of his big guns we've played about 2.5 hours and both of us have thrown some good punches Gerry has lost two platoons while I have lost none (I am down three tanks).  I have to get heading home so we decided to call it a draw I probably couldn't have shifted Gerry off his objectives but his army probably can't advance against me with both its armored elements eliminated. All in all it was a fun way to spend the day after Christmas.

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