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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Carnage and Glory: Battle of Green Springs

Rich Wallace was generous enough to host  a great game of Carnage and Glory based on the battle of Green Springs Mike, Mark and Max had the Americans while Peter myself and Steve had the British. 
My command consists of the 43rd foot Peter has the gun and Tarleton's Legion is in the distance we must move the supplies off table.  (Latter int he game I would have Simoco's brigade of the Queens Rangers and the North Carolina Loyalists)
Here come the Americans moving down the country road.
More are coming in behind them....
and still more are moving through the woods in the distance
the Supply wagons pile up but are moving in the right direction.  All troops are out of range for a couple of turns and not too much is happening.
Then Mike Paine's soldiers break out of the woods and faces off with the Tarlton Legion.
The 43rd is waiting for someone to get into range...
Tarlton's Cavalry charges and is shattered by a volley by the Pennsylvania Continentals. Tarlton's horsemen will route off the table.
Simco's troops come down the road... wagons move out of the way.
The rest of the British troops spring up (they have been hiding in the woos).
My reinforcements move up just in time as the 1st and 2nd battalions of Continental Light infantry come up.
Our few small guns (3 pounders) open up they do little damage.
Still trying to move supplies off now that troops have moved up.
Continentals and Rifle men move up on the left and our gun turns to face them...
The 43rd foot opens up with muskets and his shot at in turn honors are about even.
the 43rd is lucky in that the cavalry and militia on the road fail to charge.  I keep trading shots with the light infantry.
Mark sends Campbell's riflemen charging in against the guns and they over run them capturing two the Campbell's would win honors for this action.
The 43rd is charged while the soldier of Scimco's troops charge the 2nd Light battalion
The rest of the British force is lunging forward with cold steal.
The Americans break and run form my troops
A three cornered battle along the road mostly goes pour way.
Scimco's men run down the Yankee lights
The 43rd falls back under pressure but the remainder of the British line holds.
Mike Paine's men have taken two wagons and try to move them away (we would recapture one of them)
The Queens Ranges run down the American Lights for the last time...
the Americans break and run.
I make some adjustments to my line and start trading fire with American militia.
to my left Peter and the other British commander again launch another all along the line bayonet charge.  Far to the left the American's under Mike Paine are holding but getting the worst of a fire fight.
The British Bayonet charge is entirely successful American units fall back or flee depending on their moral even Mike's Pennsylvanians are falling back now.  The American Moral is one point above breaking point and Rich calls the game.  The computer rules it as British Victory.