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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Warriors with Danish Axes

It’s been some time since I posted any new work of my own but after the challenge I was a little burned out and these guys (and some others you'll see latter) were about half way finished. 
 Having played the Norse Gales in Saga at the begining of March I determined that I need some more men armed with Danish Axes. So I put these fellow together form my stash of War Games Factory figures  
 The result is three new Dark Age soldiers with two handed Axes.  With the guys in my current I should have two full size units of warriors (8 each).  
 First up is the poorest of the three with his plain blue/gray tunic with yellow lining now quite dirty.  He has a helm but no sword. 
 This man is clearly a fellow with a bit more cash, dark blue being more expensive color.  He also has a sword but he chooses not wear a helm (a questionable decision) 
The final warrior with his snazzy blue and purple tunic, his face is quite hairy and he wears his sword on his right side indicating he is left handed.  He also has a good helm.  I'm looking forward getting these guys on the table and I have some more guys waiting to be photographed.  They should see lots of action in Saga, Dragon Rampant, Open Combat and maybe some other games too.